Our breeding program consists of a very simple mission:

  1. Breed for a gentle and easy going disposition.
    A horse that is hard to handle because it is ill tempered is not worth owning.
  2. Breed for conformation.
    A trim head, good bone, athletic muscling and conformation for a natural gait are essential!

Because we are gaited horse breeders uncompromising to our breeding principles, we consistently produce horses that are fit for all disciplines and riders of varying abilities.  We are not interested in just selling horses; we match our horses to you.  Our horses are known for their sweet disposition and ability to excel in a variety of challenging situations while giving the rider that smooth, fast gait they are renowned for.

Our training standards are extremely high.  Training is an enormous part of our expertise, so we do not hire trainers or purchase training.  Our training is so solid we have clients who are also breeders and trainers.  When asked why they bring a horse into training with Brandon, one reply was, “when we really need to sell a horse, his training makes the sale.”

We breed and train true Using Horses!

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Last Site Update June 2021

Hashknife Perfect Twist

  • Foaled June 5, 2011
  • Registration Number 21102335/BL
  • This gelding is approximately 15.2 hands tall.  He has a very reachy gait that covers a lot of ground.
  • He is the type of gelding I am always looking to take into the back country due to his stamina and ultra-awareness.
  • He is not a slow poke, but a real performer.


Trained Sale Price

$5,000.00 cash or $5,500.00 with payment plan


Congratulations to Del H. from British Columbia Canada




Hashknife Nighthawk

  • Foaled May 10, 2018
  • Registration Number 21801124/BL
  • This gelding is very well packaged at 15.1 hands.
  • He is going to make a very nice mount with a lot of promise for stamina.
  • His formal training was started this May with Brandon.


Trained Sale Price

$6,000.00 cash or $6,500.00 with payment plan

Sale Pending



Hashknife Batman

  • Foaled April 13, 2019
  • Registration Number 219014550/BL
  • This gelding already shows a long stride and great gait.
  • He is about 15.1 hands currently as a 2 year old.
  • His formal training will begin with Brandon the spring of 2022.


Trained Sale Price

$6,000.00 cash or $6,500.00 with payment plan


Untrained Sale Price

$5,000.00 cash or $5,500 with payment plan



Hayhook Silver Envy

  • Foaled July 26, 2020
  • Registration Number 22001640/BL
  • This filly is very well packaged at 5 weeks old as shown in this photo.
  • She is very smart and has taken to her imprinting very quickly.
  • She is a solid black, but her sire was grey so could show some coloring change as she ages.


Untrained Sale Price

$4,500.00 cash or $5,000 with payment plan