I have heard about Brandon Carpenter and his dad, Tex, most of my life.  I had the pleasure of meeting Brandon and his WONDERFUL family the summer of 2000.  I had a 3 yr. old paint gelding that was, of course, the love of my life!!  The problem that Bandit and I had was that HE wanted to be the boss and I am so “green” that I was not sure how to correct him.

Therefore, I made a very overdue call to Mr. Brandon Carpenter that summer.  He suggested that we do “lessons” so he could see how Bandit and I were working together and how he could help.  This was of great relief to me, as well as great concern.  This meeting would tell me whether or not I would be able to keep Bandit, because his behaviors were becoming somewhat dangerous, and correction “way over my head!”  It was with great trepidation that I loaded my little brown horse and drove out to meet this horseman that I had heard about all my life.  OK, here is the scene, and all of you who understand horses will get a kick out of this…..My little precious darling was throwing a fit in the trailer, kicking, snorting and basically telling me he was done with this lesson.  Brandon greeted me and then opened the trailer.  I kid you not, Bandit took one look at this tall, lanky gentleman and lowered his head in defeat.  It was the most amazing response I have ever seen from him before or since.

Brandon worked with Bandit and me on several occasions that summer.  Bandit and I got “homework” to do, because in the Carpenter’s training sessions, if you are not willing to put in the effort you are wasting precious time.  Bandit and I worked through our communication problems and literally with Brandon’s help have become a better pair.  Bandit is now a coming 5 yr. old and we have had many trials , but the base that Brandon gave us that summer ensured I would be able to work it out.  Thank you so much Brandon!!!

My only advice to prospective students of lessons is that if you think that you will have a “quick fix” and/or that Brandon will “fix” your horse, you are sorely mistaken.  Brandon’s goal is to help you build a communication bond, if you will, between you and your horse.  Like he says about his philosophy, he is trying to work himself out of a job.  This can only prove to be the best thing for you and your horse!!!  I look forward to Brandon starting my next colt, Sage.

I know that with Brandon he will get a sound start!  I give Brandon Carpenter my highest recommendations!!! You will not be disappointed!!!

Tonia T.

Billings, MT

On the first day of the 2002 annual meeting and clinic of the Montana Tennessee Walking Horse Association, I had difficulty controlling one of my horses in the large group situation.  One of my friends suggested that I approach Brandon for some advice in quieting the horse down.  I did not know Brandon.  I simply walked over, introduced myself, and explained my problem and asked for his help.  He immediately made me feel welcome and took the better part of an hour working with me and my horse.  It was magic.  I carefully followed his advice, and by the end of the next day, my horse was a completely different animal in the crowded arena.  I subsequently sought out opportunities to take my horse to other stressful group situations.  Each time I followed Brandon’s advice, and each time I got the same result: a calm horse and a happy rider able to enjoy the group event.

My mare was going to foal soon in June of 2002, so I have been on the lookout for a trainer.  I will not be satisfied with just any trainer.  I do not intend to send the colt away and pick it up some 30-45 days later.  Rather, I want to work with someone who will coach me to take a very active role in the colt’s education right from the start.  After recently spending several days with Brandon and his wonderful family to evaluate his methods and philosophy, I was certain that I had found the right person to bring out the best in both me and my new foal.  Brandon has a very easy, sensitive manner with both people and horses.  He builds confidence in both horse and rider.  This is such an exciting adventure for me.  I will not waste or jeopardize this opportunity by working with someone second best.  Brandon had already prepared me for welcoming the foal and getting it started.  I look forward to the next few years of learning under Brandon’s guidance.

SuzAnne M.

Lolo, MT

Although I had the opportunity for only two lessons with Brandon, I really got a lot out of the experience.  He was patient, flexible, and good-humored.  He obviously respects and cares for the horses, getting good performance from them while still allowing them to be horses!  Those two lessons were a great value, and I hope I’ll have the chance to do more in the future.

Susan B.

Red Lodge, MT

Many thanks for the expertise and hospitality you and your family shared with us.  The lessons learned from both horse and people training have served us well in the round pen and the trail.
We have been mindful of your philosophy and unique methods in the planning of our new farm in Fair Hill, MD.

If ever you are out this way, we would love to show you the most beautiful trails outside Montana.

Joe B.

Sewell, NJ.

I have a 14 year old quarter horse gelding who could be the very definition of stubborn.

Because of the drought in our region, I decided to trailer my horses to work, where there is a 10 acre pasture.  The night before I intended to take them, I decided to make sure that they would load ok–since it had been a while since they had been anywhere.  I tried for about an hour and a half to get my gelding to load.  He only kept getting worse.  I tried again the next night with the same results.  I had heard about Brandon through the grapevine and contacted him for help.  I was tentative asking for help from someone I was personally unfamiliar with because of the bad trainers out there.  Believe me when I say it was the best move I could have made.  Brandon never lost his patience or even raised his voice with my gelding–although he was given plenty of provocation.  In a short period of time he taught my old dog new manners.  He controlled him without trying to out muscle him.  He now loads without hesitation.  I am grateful for everything.  I would not hesitate to recommend Brandon.

Tamera P.

Shepherd, MT

I have a spirited quarter horse that developed a habit of bucking me off occasionally.  I love the horse, but couldn’t tolerate such behavior.  I was on the verge of selling him, but took him to Brandon Carpenter as a last resort.  Brandon showed me how to gain the horses respect in a non-violent way and maintain that respect.  I have not had any problems with him since.  As long as I follow Brandon’s advice, the horse has been a pleasure to ride, pack, load or anything else.

I was impressed at what a gentleman Brandon is and how he demanded the attention and respect of all the horses under his care.  The horses eyes and ears never left Brandon as long as he was present.  I would give Brandon my highest recommendation to anyone looking for a horse to buy, or needing someone to train a colt or a problem horse.  He undoubtedly has an insight into what goes on in a horses mind.

I would welcome anyone to call me if they want to. (number available upon request).

Scott H.

Billings, MT.