It was an exceptional clinic.  Brandon’s biggest strength was explaining the reasons for doing things.

Laurie M.

Epping, ND.

Brandon has the ability to see what you are doing and have you change one small thing that makes the difference for the horse “getting it.”  He was really good about answering questions in detail and explaining further if someone still didn’t understand.

Diane T.

Billings, MT

I’m not much for words, but I really enjoyed Brandon.  He has a gentle, loving gift to teach people and horses.  Keep up the good work.

Ronald S.

Stirum, ND

I am not really sure what Brandon could have covered further, the information was great.  He seemed confident in all his training ethics.

Austin J.

Ambrose, ND

Brandon takes time with everyone.  I enjoyed what was taught and how it was taught.  He explains what and why  you do things.

Mark P.

Bainville, MT

I enjoyed the clinic very much –  I learned a lot about the structure of the Walker body and why they gait the way they do.

Rene’e G.

Williston, ND

Brandon’s greatest strength as a clinician is talking at my level of understanding.  I was a watcher, but felt very included.

Kristina T.

Victor, MT

Brandon gave me very specific feedback with tools for improving my riding and training of my horse.  He is direct and honest with a sense of humor.  He knows his stuff.

Ginny F.

Missoula, MT

This clinic far exceeded my expectations.  Brandon teaches a wide variety of basic skills that everyone thinks they know how to do, but really don’t.  The most important lessons I learned at this clinic are too many to mention.

Sheryl A.

Lolo, MT

I was able for the first time to feel what a gaited horse does!  Brandon’s strength is his humor and giving time to each individualand not hurrying anyone.  My lesson learned was posture-balance and how it affects what my horse will do.

Lindsey H. Milton

Freewater, OR

This clinic helped me with general horsemanship techniques and gaiting knowledge.
Brandon is a good communicator!

Ed  G.

Florence, MT

Brandon’s skill with horses was so helpful to me.  His comments were logical, well thought out.  Obviously highly experienced horse person!!  His greatest strength as a clinician is people awareness with sensitivity.  He helped each individually, but in ways we all benefited.  He added humor often – appreciated that.

Nancy B.

Missoula, MT

Brandon focuses on each individual, he is personable and friendly, has great skills and knowledge and has tremendous energy.  An important lesson I learned was about horse body language from the round pen work.

Suzanne M.

Lolo, MT

I did not have any expectations (for this clinic), only anxiety.  I’ve had a bad experience with the “cowboy” type instructor and I was very nervous with Brandon.  Thank you for being kind with your instruction.  He uses humor and is excellent at explaining techniques.

Jeri  S.

Polson, MT

I was impressed with his taking time for every single horse and rider.  His ability to pick the subtle things that make a big difference.  He is good at “reading” horses and their riders.

Darlene  B.

Polson, MT

I enjoyed the individual attention when required and his direct answers to questions.  I was helped specifically by teaching me to stay out of my horses face, to relax my seat and hands.  I was able to achieve the goal that I had for the horse I brought.  I was able to learn new ways to work with my horse.  Having never used a round pen, I have seen first hand (finally) how beneficial they can be.

Carol H.

Moore, MT

I was given the encouragement to keep trying.  Brandon relates to people on a level they can understand.

Linda B.

Livingston, MT

Brandon’s horsemanship clinic taught me about a soft responsive mouth, light touch, use of rein, legs and seat adjustments to work the horse.  He is very observant and is a clear communicator.  The whole experience helped me connect with my horse and communicate and control our time together.  Great insights have been handed down through the Carpenter clan!

West S.

San Francisco, CA

Brandon has great, simple communication skills.  My most important lesson learned was when to quit at round pen work.  I was helped by learning better judgment.

Janice F.

Livingston, MT

Brandon’s biggest strength exhibited during the clinic was patience, patience, and not laughing out loud!!!  I think the reassurance that I was able to do what was asked was a relief.

Tammy B.

Moore, MT

I always learn something every time I take a clinic and this one was positive as well.  It does me a ton of good to watch and listen and I learn so much to help me in my own training.  I learned that subtle changes in what I do in the round pen can make a lot of difference.  Learning to reduce my pressure and back off before I cross the threshold of losing my horse.

Jane T.

Clyde Park, MT

Before Brandon’s clinic, I had no confidence…now I have a start.  I have a great little horse…just need to get me trained!  I would take future clinics offered in a heartbeat.

Kim V.

Livingston, MT

Brandon taught me to always be patient with horses and pay attention to what they are telling us.  He has the ability to convey what the horse is telling us by it’s behavior.  I enjoyed the clinic because I felt that Brandon has solid, in depth knowledge and a strong ability to communicate this to others.  I am very happy to be moving forward in the  horse world with his guidance.

Laurie H.

Shell, WY

During Brandon’s clinic, he went into a lot of detail and answered all questions we had.  I gained a lot of confidence in riding and handling horses.  I am not always very comfortable with them, but I felt relaxed the whole time and I learned a lot.

Grace H.

Shell, WY

Brandon’s horsemanship clinic offered me the chance to have my “homework” reviewed and tested.  I observed “holes” in my groundwork as I watched other people ride and handle my horses.  I’ve gained enough confidence to go forward with my next lesson and perhaps start working with one of my studs.  I recognize my errors and have reinforced the necessity to do a better and more thorough job with my groundwork.  Brandon’s biggest strength is his ability to praise not only the horse, but the participant to encourage and promote their eagerness and interest.  I have no reason or desire to seek the assistance of another trainer.  I’m quite happy with the Carpenter’s.

Lori A.

Greybull, WY

While attending the one-day back country pack clinic you put on with your dad, I was impressed with the hands on approach you provided all of us.  Not only did you demonstrate each detailed step in building mantees, what type of equipment to take, how to care for the horses, secure loads to the horses, etc., but you allowed each of us to practice it with one on one instruction.  Your expertise and personal approach to teaching was much appreciated, and I feel much more confident using my horses for packing with mantees and panniers in the back country.  Thanks for the “family secrets” you shared with us to make things a little easier, and also your investment in keeping up a “dying” tradition.

Pete D.

Hamilton, MT

Your Clinic was a very helpful agent for me.  I took your course before I even bought my first horse so that I would know if this is really what I wanted to be involved with.  Owning a horse is a lot more than just looking at it.  Your clinic taught me so much.  I learned about packing in, handling, rations for both me and my horse if I was to be so brave as to go packing in; and the hands on experience was helpful for me as well.  Needless to say your clinic gave me enough confidence to get my first mare!  I don’t think I would have got a horse without the experience of the clinic.  If you were to ask me 10 or even 5 years ago if I would be even thinking of going up to the mountains on horseback and go camping, I would have laughed.  I’m excited to say, with a little more work with my mare, I could do it.  That feels pretty good in knowing that.

Theresa S.

Shepherd, MT

The training clinic was very enjoyable, and for folks like us who have just acquired pack and riding horses, it’s a must.  The hands on approach of saddling, packing, and tying your packs on your horse was the best process for us.  We feel we can now pack into our elk or deer area now without fear of harming our animals.  That in itself was worth the course.  Please advise me of any clinics coming up this year on horse training.

Gary L.

Shepherd, MT