When I first saw the way Grace responded to Brandon after only 2 minutes in the corral, I could tell she would come back a completely different horse.  I was amazed at how Brandon was able to gain the respect and attention of Grace through his quiet and trusting training techniques.  Grace soon began to mimic these qualities and by the end of her training with Brandon, was the calm accepting horse I had hoped for.  I was not able to spend as much time with Grace after she returned home with me, but even after 3 weeks of not being worked with, she was still accepting and excited to perform everything she had learned.  From the time I dropped Grace off at the Carpenters until I picked her up, I knew she was in the best of hands.  After seeing the way Brandon handles all of his horses it is evident that he takes great pride in making sure that when a horse leaves his possession they are performing at the highest standards.  I really enjoyed learning from Brandon and appreciated his patience and all the extra time he spent keeping me up to date on Grace’s progress and answering my questions.  The Carpenters go out of their way to make both the horse and rider as comfortable as possible.  Thanks so much!

Shaundra S.

Fishtail, MT

When I took Grace to Brandon, my hope was that he would provide her a solid foundation, which would allow my daughter to continue her training.  He not only exceeded my expectations but also provided my daughter with a filly that possesses a calm relaxed nature when put in some very awkward situations.  I am very thankful Brandon has put safety as an important part of the horses training lessons.  I look forward to watching Grace develop over the next year.  He has been most helpful in not only training Grace but also helping my daughter learn the proper cues in asking Grace to perform a specific skill.  As a father, I feel very confident that Grace is at a skill level that will now allow my daughter to enjoy riding and training in a reasonably safe environment.  Many thanks to Brandon and his family for taking such great care of Grace while she was in their possession.

Tim S.

Fishtail, MT

I have been riding Daisy and have been trying to come up with the words to describe the job you did with her.  I can’t come up with much to adequately describe how well you did.  She is absolutely marvelous.  I’ve had a lot of colts started over the years and none have come close to the training you did on her.  We get along wonderfully.  I can’t praise you enough for the great job you did.  I’m really pleased with the way you developed her walk and everything you did with her in such a short time.  I really got my money’s worth!  Thanks so much.
I’d recommend you to anyone.  I am really enjoying her.

Arlene G.

Roundup, MT

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are too old to ride and to learn new things with your horse.  I’m 55 and have been fortunate to have found Brandon Carpenter.  What he taught my 3 yr. old Tennessee Walker in 30 days, I would not have believed could be done.  We have another 3 year old that went to another trainer the same summer and the difference in the end result of the two is that Brandon’s training method was way more complete.  The horse learned and retained a lot more where our appaloosa/arab has a lot more to learn.  I was a little fearful of my horse when I first got on his back (he is tall).  Brandon gave me the extra confidence I needed by instructing me on “trusting my horse.”  The knowledge he shared with me has helped me to enjoy learning along with my horse.  I now know what to do in the round pen and for how long.  I know how to make my horse listen to me without force, and I know how to enjoy a ride for the first time without fear.  That is something for me!  I know I have to keep the training going to have a horse that will be my partner for life.  My horse comes to me, and he is what I want when I am riding…prepared for new surprises without going nuts.  I love my horse.  Thanks Brandon for all your help, tips, and the great job you did with Topper.  With much gratitude,

Lindsey H. Milton

Freewater, OR

I recently went to pick up my 4 year old gelding from Brandon.  I’m truly amazed at what my horse is able to do after 30 days of training.  He’s neck reining, side passing, and doing running stops.  He has no hesitation about walking over stumps and other obstacles.  He’s loading and unloading easily from a trailer.  Besides my horse’s training, Brandon helped me with techniques I could use to be a better partner with my horse.  Being somewhat of a novice rider, I feel confident and comfortable on my horse now.  I believe Brandon has given me back a mature, well-mannered and disciplined horse.

Thank you to the Carpenters for all their experience of training and great care while my horse was with them.  I would recommend Brandon to anyone.

Patty M.

Billings, MT

I’ve put quite a lot of thought into what I wanted to say about Brandon and his methods of training both my 2 year old QH, Ruby and myself.  Ruby, whom I got when she was a  yearling, went out to Brandon just after her second birthday.  She’s a little willful, a little spoiled, but a very gentle, good natured animal as well.  She and I had a year to get to know each other.  In that year we bonded and I was the “mom.”  I had some pretty strict criteria a trainer would need to meet.  I knew that whatever Brandon did with her would color her perceptions of humans for the rest of her life.  The adjectives that describe Brandon’s method of training are thorough, consistent, fair and respectful.  The horse is not left to guess what’s expected of them.  The rules don’t change.  He creates a partnership based on respect, not on force.  He has an open door policy.  I never once worried about her in his care.  The biggest change I noted immediately in Ruby was a sense of calmness and confidence that wasn’t there before.  Brandon leaves nothing to chance.  He exposes the horse to all kinds of situations they may encounter out in the real world, from a rope wrapped around their feet, to a tarp over their head.  Brandon also does a good job with the horse’s owner as well.  He is respectful but not at all shy about telling you what you’re doing right or wrong.  He doesn’t mind questions and seems to actually appreciate them.  I now have a two year old with the framework in place to go any direction.  I would highly recommend Brandon to anyone with absolutely no reservations.

Scotta A.

Billings, MT

Well, I guess this is part two of my series of training with Brandon.  My first visit with Brandon was with Bandit (my APHA gelding).  My second visit to Brandon was with Sage (my 2 year old APHA gelding).  Although Brandon was quick to remind me that I had NOT purchased the fine Tennessee Walkers that he produces, he was willing (thank God) to train Sage.  What I like most about Brandon’s training techniques is that you get back a safe, well-trained, and willing horse.  Brandon also takes the EXTRA time to make sure that you and your newly trained steed know how to communicate with one another.  For me, this meant a trail ride, making sure that I had the right cues to give Sage.  Brandon and family, I truly appreciate what you have done for me and my family in training our horses.  There will never be another trainer for us!!

Tonia T.

Billings, MT

Mark and I acquired a 4 year old Quarter Horse filly (Fli) that was halter broke as a weanling, then turned out for the next three years.  Brandon took her and within a short time had her in the proper mind set.  Fli responds to backing, reining, and side pass which has been astonishing.  The first time I had Fli behind cattle it was with yearlings and 2 year olds.  She did remarkably well.  With Brandon’s knowledge of horses and kindness, it makes for a winning combination all around.  We do not say these words lightly.

Our horses are extremely important to us and we believe in kindness and trust.  Brandon trains with both.  We are completely satisfied and highly recommend Brandon.  Because we feel this way, we are more than willing to discuss Brandon’s training or results to anyone who may have any questions.  (number available upon request)

Thank you Brandon and Lisa.

Shirley & Mark W.

Pompeys Pillar, MT

I took a 4 yr. old gelding that was yet un-started to Brandon.  I had been going to the annual NILE livestock show in Billings for several years.  It was very obvious that the horses he was riding were very responsive, so I kept watching.  He would ride several horses, all young, all responsive, and all gentle.  His very young children were also riding them.  Then I went to a clinic, he had more horses there, same story, all well trained.  At this clinic, he gave a class on packing into the back country.  I attended the class which was also very good, and very well taught.  Shortly thereafter, I decided to take him this gelding to start.  I start most of my own horses, but was getting behind, and I liked what I had seen in Brandon’s horses.  So off to Shepherd I went.  Brandon stayed in contact via email on my gelding’s progress.  In just a few weeks he was ready to go.  When I went to pick him up, we loaded my gelding as well as two of his horses and we headed for the hills to go for a ride.  Brandon’s young son went with us.  My gelding was very mannerly; he would do things that I’d never think a “30 day” horse would do.  He neck reined, side passed, and was very responsive.  Most amazing was that he would follow behind, or he would lead the group with absolutely no hesitation.  I work with a lot of my own horses, and I found this to be quite a feat for a green horse.  In fact, after Brandon’s work with him, I would find it difficult to call this horse green!  But, being a firm believer that it takes a couple years to get a finished horse, I refer to him as that.  My point is that he puts a foundation on a horse that you just don’t find very often.  Originally, this horse was to be for sale, well guess what, he is still in my pasture and will be staying there.

This guy comes very highly recommended.  Thank you Brandon!

Val Z.

Missoula, MT

High Places Ranch selects Brandon Carpenter to start our registered Single-Footing horses because Brandon trains for the real world.  The horses are deliberately exposed to various real world situations.  A horse that is only trained in carefully controlled situations  (arena only) is ill-prepared for trail riding.  I feel confident that the horse is being trained on a regular basis and not just standing in a stall running up boarding fees.  Brandon also has an interest in a variety of training techniques and listens to our requests.

Dan B.

High Places Ranch,  Whitehall, MT

I took my 3 year old Tennessee Walker to Brandon for training.  He started the training immediately loading and unloading my horse in and out of his 2 horse trailer, then round pen work the natural way. Brandon is kind and gentle in his training methods while gaining the horses respect.At the end of 30 days, my horse was backing willingly, neck reining and moving out quite happily, which is what I had expected.   What I hadn’t expected was that Brandon roped off of him and worked cattle with him.  People were amazed that this was just a 3 year old.  He also packed him in the mountains and used him in 3 different sessions in a packing clinic.  My horse came home with more exposure than I could have ever given him, a great foundation, and he was a fit and happy horse……thanks to Brandon.

Kathie E.

Hamilton, MT

Three years ago I had an opportunity to go on a trail ride with Brandon & Lisa Carpenter.  I had always wanted to ride a Walker and jumped at the opportunity to go for the ride.
To say the least, I was impressed with the horses and even more impressed with the training the Carpenters give the horses, and their knowledge of horses.
Shortly after the trail ride, I purchased a Tennessee Walker from Hayhook Tennessee Walkers.  Before I brought the horse home, I was given a training session with the horse and shown exactly how the Carpenters work and train a horse.  It was explained to me what to expect from the horse and what the horse should expect from me.  Brandon made it clear they don’t sell their horses to just anybody, they have the horse in mind at all times.

Brandon worked with a second Walker that I purchased from another party.  I asked him to evaluate this horse and finish off any short comings the horse had.  The day I picked the horse up was a full day.  I was put in the corral with my horse and shown the technique used to train the horse.  It was a hands on project.  We then went for a one hour trail ride, and Brandon again worked to assist me with being a better horse handler and understanding what the horse and I needed to do to work together in a positive way.

The Carpenters have both the horse and the rider in mind as they work with you.  They are experienced and dedicated to maximizing their effort with your horse in mind.  The horses they have for sale are first class, well trained and have a very warm, calm disposition.  I would not hesitate to buy another horse from the Carpenters, have a horse trained, or enlist their expertise with evaluating a horse.

Anyone with questions may contact me. (number available upon request)

Ron C.

BigTimber, MT

I thought I’d drop a line and let you know how my Mustang “Buddy” and I are getting along after your training efforts concluded.  We moved to Wyoming, so I had been off Buddy for about a year with all the work on facilities I had to do.  I have to tell you Brandon, the effort that you put out on Buddy sure paid off!!!  I was a little apprehensive about getting on him at first….. but I soon found out that all we had worked on prior to us parting company was still there when I saddled up and got aboard again.  We headed out like everything was old shoe.

I have worked him on both sheep and cattle.  He really has some sense along those lines…hard to believe that as a mustang he would have the ability to pick up on certain cues and accomplish the task of pushing, or crowding and even cutting off the retreat of an animal.   It is really nice to have a horse (at my age) that I can saddle, hop aboard, and go to work on without having to warm him up to the idea first.  You sure can with Buddy.  Keep up the good work…Your training abilities and knowledge really pays off with a quality animal.

Terry M.

Powell, WY.