You know that guy at the show or trail ride that just tosses the lead rope over his horse’s back and the horse pops right into the trailer?  Don’t you hate that guy? Unless you are that guy.

And you can be.

Here again, Carpenter reminds us that shortcuts are the long way around: trailer loading, like every other aspect of horsemanship, depends on the relationship with your horse, and repetition, not luring, not crowding, not force.

As always, Carpenter is not afraid to show the realities, those little glitches that somehow never seem to happen on other videos, but always happen to the rest of us.
His gift as a teacher – of both horses and people – makes you want to rush right out and try his methods.

Loaded with instructions, tips and insights, this DVD is the next best thing to being there.  Your horse will love you for it, but your riding buddies will hate you.

RJ – Editor, The Gaited Horse